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> Looking for a mistress
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сообщение 8.1.2013, 8:19
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Из: Denmark, Odense

If you have once enjoyed bdsm, this experience is hard to forget. I tried to date vanilla girls before and now I know that I never will be completely happy in pure vanilla relationship. I will always miss the excitement of bdsm.

I am maskulin, little overweight male slave with a passion for bdsm. For me bdsm is the spice in a marriage. With with a few pounds to much.

I am looking for a special relationship in which we can blend bdsm with romance and vanilla aspects of everyday life....friends, having fun, work.

I am discreet about my bdsm interests and if you see me on the street perhaps only the outskirt of the chastity, or "something special in my eyes"will tell you that I may have "dark" interests:-)

BDSM interests: As a a slave I am most interested in any activities which result in showing me your female superiority :-): chastity /orgasm control, body worship, bondage, CBT, corporal punishment....and you use me in kinky ways to get pleasure.:-)

And I am also a man.... I enjoy being romantic sometimes Show my affaction for my lady. Pleasing her and make love to her. Vanilla life: I am sincere, friendly, educated, sociable. I enjoy good food, cooking, art, nature, love music and travel.

I speak fluent English. I am looking to have a good time and if the chemistry is right for a long term relationship and marriage. I am usually attracted to an intelligent and feminin looking girl. I hope you understand that trust, respect and right chemistry come first....bdsm is the cherry on the cake.
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